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Testimonies, stories, poetry & prayers

For many of us, reading a short inspirational story, testimony, poem or prayer, can make a big difference in our lives. Often God speaks to us as we read, giving us peace, correction or hope.

  • Why we trust in God Personal stories by members and friends of Echurch-UK. How God has helped them through times of difficulty and how they have come to trust Him.
  • Inspirational stories Short stories which give encouragement to us in everyday life; especially when we feel down in spirit.
  • Christian poetry Some of them from Echurch-UK friends and members. More to be added as we get them donated.
  • Modern & traditional prayers Prayers you can use in your daily devotions. Also Celtic prayers and Bible meditations. We are only a prayer away from God.
  • What Echurch-UK people say Echurch-UK members and friends share some of their understanding of the Christian faith in short articles and reflections.

Some useful Christian links

  • reJesus This is your site to explore Jesus, his life, his character his spirituality as well as what has been said about him. Interact by having your say, asking a question or by telling us who you think Jesus is.
  • The Jesus Institute - all about Jesus Christ Easy to read references on the historical Jesus of Nazareth; his life biography, his own words, teachings and parables.
  • Bible Gateway Search modern and older Bible's by chapter and verse or keywords. In the language of your choice.
  • World English Bible An easy access site, which has many visually impaired visitors. Easy to read English, for those who use it as a second language or prefer plain English.

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